An online project of Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in New York City. Whether you're a fan of outdoor markets, indoor markets, or traditional souks; whether you like antiques, art, crafts, decorative arts, fashion, accessories, vintage clothing, mid-century modern, or ephemera.... FleaSpeech is for you.

Worldwide, flea markets serve vital community-enhancing and economic functions. They are usually "green" endeavors, using little if any electricity and featuring a lot of items that are not mass produced! Flea markets are more people-friendly than car-friendly, and tend to be welcome fixtures in their neighborhood.

Flea markets are good things for everyone to promote!


Antiques, design, style, vintage and retro decorative arts, photography, vintage clothing and accessories, jewelry, silver, ephemera, emerging designers, DIY, collectibles, fine crafts, local businesses, pedestrian rights, sustainable economic development, local history, community development, small businesses, mid-century modern.